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Why Do Copper Foil Soft Connectors Have Nickel Sheets Attached?

Copper foil soft connectors are widely used in various generators, transformers, switches, busbars, point solutions, smelting and other high current electrical equipment to make flexible conductive connections. Copper foil soft connection is also an important part in automobiles, mainly used for conductive connection in automotive batteries. The quality directly affects the stability and safety of automotive use.

There are generally two options for anti oxidation treatment of copper foil soft connectors used in automobiles. Attach nickel sheets or electroplated tin.

The method of attaching nickel sheets is to cover them with nickel sheets, and stack and weld 0.1mm thick nickel sheets with copper foil sheets to form a tight fit with the copper sheets. The soft part of the copper flexible busbar is protected by a heat shrink tube sleeve, providing insulation protection. And this method has a lower cost than electroplating tin.

During the operation of electroplating tin, there may be electroplating solution penetrating the area of the middle stack, which can cause chemical residues and corrode the product, reduce conductivity, and shorten the product's service life.

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