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How To Improve The Performance Of Laminated Copper Foil Shunt?

The following methods can effectively optimize the conductivity and stability of copper foil flexible connectors:

1. Increasing the contact area: Increasing the number of copper foils can effectively increase the contact area of copper foil soft connections, thereby improving the stability and conductivity of the connections. In addition, adopting more precise connection methods, such as high-precision cutting equipment or milling machines, can cut copper foil into suitable shapes and sizes to better fit onto the busbar and improve connection quality.

2. Optimizing the connection process: The connection process has a significant impact on conductivity and stability. Optimizing the connection process and adopting advanced welding techniques such as laser welding and ultrasonic welding can improve the quality and stability of the connection. Choosing appropriate surface treatment methods, such as coating treatment, tin plating treatment, etc., can also effectively improve the stability and conductivity of the connection.

3. Adding support structures: Adding support structures in copper foil soft connections, such as adding metal support strips, springs, or other elastic components between copper foils to enhance connection strength and stability, can effectively improve the connection Stability and conductivity of the connection.

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