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Is The Most Reliable To Use Copper Bar Flexible Connector In Transformer?

Copper busbar flexible connector is a conductive material widely used in various industries such as metallurgy, chemical engineering, power transmission and transformation engineering, and electric locomotives. It has the characteristics of high current carrying capacity, low resistance value, and strong durability. And the insulation protection characteristics of the outer layer of the copper busbar soft connection sleeve effectively prevent electric shock and ensure user safety; It can also prevent external environmental pollution and extend its service life.

In low-voltage electrical appliances, compared to traditional connection methods, copper busbar flexible connection can not only play a compensating role, but also achieve dynamic contact with the position of the copper busbar through welded copper braided wires as intermediate connections. The front and rear fixed positioning can effectively reduce the resistance at the connection, improve the stability of the connection, reduce the heat generated at the connection, and thus extend the service life of the electrical appliance.

In high-voltage electrical appliances, due to the sufficient current carrying capacity of copper busbar soft connectors, the operating status of the circuit can be monitored, and the measured electrical components should meet the requirements of measurement accuracy. This connection method not only improves the stability of the connection, but also reduces the difficulty of the connection, bringing great convenience to users.

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