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Do You Know About Copper Stranded Wires?

Soft copper stranded wire is thinner than hard copper stranded wire, so it is widely used in the fields of electrical machinery, electronic components, automotive wire conductors, and so on. Its high conductivity and good toughness make soft copper stranded wires more suitable in these fields.

In the process of producing soft copper stranded wire, it is necessary to twist the copper wire according to the process rules. During this process, the presence of joints is allowed, but the spacing between joints must not be less than 15 meters, and cold pressing welding must be used. After welding is completed, the welding interface should be smoothed and rounded to ensure even distance between adjacent copper stranded wires.

Try to avoid wire scattering or bouncing during the twisting process to ensure that the surface of the stranded copper wire is relatively bright and free from obvious damage and scratches. At the same time, there should be no obvious oxidation reaction or discoloration on the surface of the twisted copper wire, and the outer color should be uniform without black spots or cracks.

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