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Electrical Harness Wire
  • Electrical Harness WireElectrical Harness Wire
  • Electrical Harness WireElectrical Harness Wire
  • Electrical Harness WireElectrical Harness Wire

Electrical Harness Wire

You can rest assured to buy Yipu Electrical Harness Wire from our factory. High standard PVC insulation materials, refuse to use recycled plastics, with good flexibility, not easy to break, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oil scale resistance, quality assurance, safe use.

If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality electrical harness wire, look no further than our product. As a leading manufacturer of electrical products in China, we have been providing top-quality wiring products for years, exceeding our customers' expectations and meeting their unique demands.

Our Electrical Harness Wire has been designed to meet the high standards of electrical wiring applications. It comes in a wide range of styles and variants to suit your specific needs, featuring different lengths, wire gauges, types, and colors. It is an excellent option for those who require electrical wiring for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Here are some of the reasons why our Electrical Harness Wire is an excellent product that you should consider for your business:

1. High-Quality Materials

The Electrical Harness Wire is made using high-quality materials that are guaranteed to provide reliable electrical connectivity. We use only the highest-grade copper wire, which ensures consistent performance and durability, even in the harshest of environments.

2. Comprehensive Features

Our Electrical Harness Wire comes in a wide range of product variants that cater to different industrial and commercial applications. We provide our customers with options to choose from, depending on their needs, such as the wire length, wire gauge, wire types, and colors.

3. Great Conductivity

The conductivity of our Electrical Harness Wire is second to none. We have engineered the product to provide excellent electrical connectivity with minimal voltage drop, ensuring that your circuits function flawlessly.

4. Cost-effective

Our Electrical Harness Wire is competitively priced without sacrificing quality. Our manufacturing processes are optimized to reduce costs without sacrificing quality, ensuring that the product reaches our customers at an affordable cost.

5. Meets Quality Standards

Our Electrical Harness Wire meets international quality standards, providing our customers with peace of mind when using our product. We are committed to meeting the highest quality standards in everything we produce.

6. Supports a Wide Range of Applications

Our Electrical Harness Wire is suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive, aerospace, marine, and industrial machinery. Whatever the application, we have the product variant that will meet your need.

In conclusion, our Electrical Harness Wire product is an excellent option to consider for merchants looking for high-quality wiring products. With guaranteed high-performance, comprehensive product features, cost-effectiveness, and excellent conductivity, it's no wonder we have developed a reputation for producing top-quality products that meet our customers' exacting standards. Trust us, and choose our Electrical Harness Wire product for your next project; you won't be disappointed!

Feature of Electrical Harness Wire:

Environmental protection material flame retardant low smoke

● High strength ● Abrasion resistance ● Corrosion resistance

High standard PVC insulation materials, refuse to use recycled plastics, with good flexibility, not easy to break, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oil scale resistance, quality assurance, safe use.

Electrical Harness Wire Details

Wire Specification

Various International Standard Wire

Wire Application

Various Wire Harness And Cable Assemblies Customized According to Customer Requires

Wire Cable Length


Wire Cable Color


Pin Assignment or Pin Out





ISO9001 System And RoHS


Small Order Can Be Accepted

Payment Term

30% Deposit In Advance, 70% Before Shipment, 100%, T/T In Advance

Delivery Time

Sufficient Inventory and Strong Production Capacity Ensure Timely Delivery


1PCS Per Bag With Label, Export Standard Carton

Design ability

OEM&ODM Is Welcome. Customized Drawing WithDecal/ Frosted/ Print Are Available As Request.

Drawing Types

Support: Freehand Sketch, 2D, 3D

Pins or Terminals

Copper, Nickel-plated or Gold-plated

Working Temperature

−25℃ ~ +85℃


100% Open, Short and Mis-wire Testing

Electrical Harness Wire application:

Security Equipment

Industry Automated

Home Appliances

Auto Wire Harness

Medical Personal Care

Consumer Electronics

Power Supply

Office Products

Our Company

In ZHEJIANG YIPU METAL MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. ,you don’t have to worry about the stranded copper wire connectors being damaged in transit or other problems. Because we 100% test and inspect all harnesses, we can easily provide you with serial number tracking, or specific labeling requirements.

Our production line

We have professional production line.

In order to improve the quality of products, the company introduced domestic advanced production equipment and first-class testing equipment. The equipment is mainly automatic and semi-automatic, and the systematization and standardization of the product testing link are realized.

For the company to produce excellent performance of first-class products laid the foundation.

At present, the annual production capacity is over 1500 tons.

The annual output value can reach 60 million yuan.

Why choose Yipu?

● Our silicone wiring harnesses are perfect for a wide range of applications.

● Our core values include, openness, pragmatism, standardization and commitment.

● Our team of experts is always on hand to provide technical assistance and support.

● Our mission is to provide customers with excellent products for Electrical Harness Wire and a series of technical services.

● We offer a wide variety of silicone wiring harness options to suit your needs.

● We promote a sense of rules and a spirit of contract that are compatible with the market economy and modern governance, so that integrity can be upgraded to a commitment to customers and a guarantee to employees.

● We offer a wide range of silicone wiring harnesses that are suitable for various industries and applications.

● We insist on perfection, strictly refine the process, perfect the best from the details, and strive to create first-class work quality and product quality.

● We are constantly innovating and improving our silicone wiring harnesses.

● Faith is the foundation of all things, sincerity must believe. Integrity is the foundation of an enterprise and one of the foundations for sustainable development.

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